Alpharetta Dog Bite Lawyer

HS Law represents victims in Alpharetta and the Greater Atlanta area who have been injured or bitten by a dog.

What to do if I have been attacked or bitten by a dog

Injuries caused by dog bites can have significant medical, financial, and legal ramifications, necessitating the expertise of an Alpharetta Dog Bite Attorney. Considering that millions of people are attacked or bitten by dogs each year, consulting with an Alpharetta Dog Bite Attorney is crucial to understand the necessary steps to be taken following a dog bite.

Identify the dog and witnesses

Important steps following a dog bite incident

  • Find out the owner of the dog and where they live, if possible. Exchange information to be able to contact them after the incident.
  • Get a copy of the dog’s rabies vaccinations and the homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Gather contact information from any witnesses. In the event of a lawsuit or an insurance claim, eyewitness accounts can provide a more accurate demonstration of the incident.
  • If you cannot identify the dog’s owner, try to take photos of it. This will help in identifying the owner during a case.

Seek emergency medical treatment

Because some dogs are not vaccinated against rabies, and puncture wounds are very prone to infection, it is important to seek medical treatment.

Tips when seeking medical treatment following a dog bite

  • Depending on the severity of the bite, contact 911 or be driven to your local urgent care to receive medical treatment.
  • Take pictures of your wounds before treatment to accurately document the damage of the bite for an insurance case.
  • Keep any medical records that are related to the specific dog bite incident, as well as receipts and travel costs.

Report the attack to animal control

After you have received medical treatment, file a bite report with the Sheriff’s department or local animal control. This legal documentation will be of value to you in the event of a lawsuit or insurance case and can prevent others from possibly getting attacked by the same dog.

Seek legal representation

Although not all dog attacks are serious, they do make up a percentage of emergency room visits every year. Victims of a dog bite are encouraged to seek legal representation from a professional. Due to the complexity of issues, handling dog bite cases in Georgia can be difficult. A dog bite case often involves investigating potential insurance policies available to cover your injuries, working with local police and animal control, and litigation. At HS Law, our specialized dog bite lawyers will evaluate your case and determine the best path forward.

Prove Your Case

Under Georgia law, there are two main ways to prove your case if you have been bitten or attacked by a dog. (insert copy about helping prove)

“Running at Large”

The first way to prove your case is to show that the dog was “running at large”. The Fulton County Code of Ordinances states that it is unlawful for the owner, custodian or harborer of any dog to allow said dog to leave the premises of the person unless it is securely under leash. This basically means that if the county or the city has a leash law, and the dog was not on a leash at the time of the attack, you have a valid case.

“Vicious Propensities”

The second way to prove your case is to show that the dog had “vicious propensities”.  This means that the owner of the dog knew that the dog was or could have been dangerous and acted without reasonable care to restrain.

If you have been attacked by a dog and are confident or unsure if the incident falls into one of these two categories, call HS Law at 404-400-1175 for your free consultation to address your case.

HS Law Specialized Dog Bite Lawyers

Handling dog bite cases in Georgia can be difficult due to the laws and regulations regarding the situation. A dog bite case often involves investigating potential insurance policies available to cover your injuries. Additionally, it requires working with local police and animal control, and litigation. Hiring an experienced lawyer removes those burdens for you. Also, we can help calculate an accurate amount of compensation that you should receive. At HS Law, our specialized dog bite lawyers evaluate your case and help determine the best path forward.

Dog bites are a very common occurrence in Georgia. HS Law has lawyers with extensive experience handling these types of claims, lawsuits, and settlements. We understand that every case is different and we evaluate each on its own merit by looking at a few common factors. First, we document the nature and severity of the injury, including scarring, secondary infections, and medical treatments. We then assess the client’s case with Georgia’s dog bite laws. Finally, we look at outcomes from similar cases to determine the likelihood of success.

If you have been attacked by a dog and are in need of legal help, schedule a free consultation with HS Law today. Call HS Law at 404-400-1175 for your free consultation with our specialized dog bite lawyers to evaluate your case.


Does size or breed of dog matter when determining a case?

The size and the breed of the dog do not matter when determining if a dog bite case is worth representing. We have handled cases involving attacks by Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Dachshunds, and mutts, just to name a few. The size or the breed of a dog does not make a difference.

Another dog killed or severely injured my pet. Does this qualify for a case?

If your pet is injured by another owners dog, you may have a case. However, the value of your case is limited.

As much as we love our pets and consider them family, pets are considered personal property under Georgia law. Because pets are deemed personal property, you cannot recover pain and suffering as a result of your dog being attacked. In other words, the value of your claim is equal to what your pet’s medical treatment costs you following the attack. Our specialized team of dog bite lawyers at HS Law does not handle these types of cases.

How much compensation can I receive for a dog bite?

There is no possible way for an attorney to be able to put a specific number on how much a case is worth without a detailed review of it first. However, a victim could receive many types of compensation including medical costs, lost wages, emotional distress, and more.