Atlanta Man Killed in Electric Scooter Accident

February 18, 2020

Electric scooters have quickly become part of the in town Atlanta scene, occupying real estate on almost every street corner. They are propped up against buildings, storefronts and telephone poles just waiting to be “unlocked.”

This growing movement is not only unique to Atlanta. Electric scooter companies have users all over the United States and Europe. Some experts say because this industry is so new, it’s virtually unregulated.

Safety has become an issue, especially in Atlanta after the death of Eric Amis, Jr., who rented a Lime e-scooter around midnight on May 16. He was headed home from his hotel job in downtown Atlanta when struck and killed by an SUV unable to avoid him.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incidence of an e-scooter fatality. “Amis was one of four people to die while riding an e-scooter in metro Atlanta last year. Each victim died after a collision with a motor vehicle—a car, a truck, and in one case, a county bus,” according an article posted on the website Quartz. The article claims that at least 29 people have died in e-scooter accidents since companies like Bird and Lime emerged in 2018.

Atlanta has cracked down on e-scooters banning new scooter permits and setting a curfew for riders. Stricter regulations pushed several operators out of Atlanta, however, Bird and Uber-owned Jump still remain. “Access to a wide array of mobility options is beneficial and necessary for any major city,” says Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. “But there is need to pause and establish how best to regulate such a new and unknown industry.”

The future of this micro-mobility industry is ever changing. There is still buzz of stricter regulations in Atlanta like prohibiting riding on sidewalks, using cell phones while riding and parking on vegetation, narrow sidewalks or blocking crosswalks and doorways. These new rules hope to increase street safety while keeping e-scooters as a transportation option.

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