Pedestrians Killed in Traffic Accidents

April 13, 2020

In recent years the number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents has greatly increased. According to the CDC and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there is one pedestrian death every 88 minutes. That’s a very sobering statistic. “There was a more than 3% increase in the number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents in 2018, totaling 6,283 deaths — the most deaths since 1990,” cites the NHTSA. This number affects us all – whether it’s daily, weekly or every once in a while, we all fall in to the category of pedestrian. Therefore, pedestrian safety is hugely important. And, we all deserve to live in a community that is safe for people on foot.

Pedestrians At Risk

Its not surprising that 47% of pedestrian deaths from car accidents involved alcohol for the driver and/or pedestrian. The CDC says, “One in every three (33%) fatal pedestrian crashes involved a pedestrian with a blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.08 grams per deciliter (g/dL), 17% involved a driver with a blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.08 g/dL, and some fatal pedestrian crashes involved both.” Other risk factors include:

  • Age (older adults and children are more at risk)
  • Gender (sixty-nine percent of pedestrians killed in 2018 were male)
  • Higher vehicle speed
  • Location (urban areas are more at risk)
  • Time of Day (nighttime and higher blood alcohol levels in driver and/or pedestrians)

Causes of Pedestrian Deaths in Traffic Accidents

According to an article published by NPR, the reason why pedestrian deaths are at a 30-year high is because of cell phone use and an increase in larger cars (trucks and SUV’s) on the road. “The signs are all over most cities — stretches of road without crosswalks and people needing to walk on roads built for rush-hour traffic. But the real increase, experts say, comes from larger trends: drivers and pedestrians distracted by their phones and a growth of larger vehicles on the road,” says the article.

In addition to distracted driving and larger cars on the road, the following can also cause pedestrian accidents and/or fatalities:

  • Speeding
  • Alcohol
  • Failing to stop or yield
  • Backing–up accidents
  • Left-hand turns
  • Reduced visibility
  • Unmarked crosswalks
  • Distracted walking

Safety Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians

The following are safety tips for pedestrians issued by the NHTSA:

  • Be predictable and obey signs and signals
  • Walk on sidewalks
  • If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic and as far from traffic as possible
  • Keep alert at all times
  • Cross streets at crosswalks or intersections
  • Never assume a driver sees you
  • Be visible at all times
  • Watch for cars entering or exiting driveways, or backing up in parking lots
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs when walking

Driver safety tips from the NHTSA:

  • Look out for pedestrians everywhere
  • Use extra caution when driving at nighttime or bad weather
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop when turning or otherwise entering a crosswalk
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Follow the speed limit, especially around people on the street
  • Follow slower speed limits in school zones and in neighborhoods where children are present
  • Be extra cautious when backing up—pedestrians can move into your path

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